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Pedestrian & School Safety

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Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon

Solar Powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon Systems are the most effective traffic control device in the Pedestrian or School Crosswalks.  This push button system will flash on both sides of the road and street advising drivers that the crosswalk is occupied.  These units have a stopping rate of 90-94%, much greater than the 30-35% stopping rate of a standard 8" Flashing Beacon.  Just ask us for a location close to you that currently has these units, or check out our Media page on the website to see it in action.


Solestrian Impact Recovery Solar Crosswalk Signs*

The Solestrian Solar Powered Pedestrian Crosswalk sign is Internally Illuminated and is charged using the solar panels that are built into the top of these Signs.  Vertical Messages for the Pedestrian are also available with this version of Sign.  


Tactile Warning Plates

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School Flashing Beacons

Solar Powered 12" LED Flashing Beacon system is perfect for your school zone.  With solar power and a programmable timer system, you can schedule the system to start and stop at any time.  Our systems include the Pole, Signs, LED's, Solar Panels and all instructions need to install.  These units can easily be installed by the DPW or Hwy Dept. in your municipality.  Check it out in action on our Media Page.

Crosswalk Sign IRS.jpg

R1-6 or R1-6A School Crosswalk Signs*

We have been a proud distributor of Impact Recovery Systems and their extensive product line for 20 years!

The in Road Pedestrian Crosswalk signs have been seen from big cities to small villages.  These signs warn the divers of the crosswalk, but also take full impact and return to their original position.  Their spring technology has improved thru the years and are now fully crash tested and approved by the FHWA.

Do not settle for imitation units that look the same, but do not take crash or full impact.

LED Crosswalk.jpg

LED Crosswalk and Ped-xing Signs

Solar Power has become the leading way to save money and keep things GREEN.  Our Solar Powered Stop Signs are fabricated to be Vandal Proof!  Our design is Fully Enclosed and have no wires exposed to Vandals.

This feature is what separates our units from the so called competition.  Why settle for a cheaper version of our units?  The competition requires you to take down the sign and send it back to them to fix, our units can be fixed on site without the trouble and expense of shipping.  These units can also be seen on our Media Page.


Pedestrian Traffic Safety Gates

These Pedestrian Gates can Control Traffic, Crowds, or Close Streets Quickly.

Pedestrian Gates are available in Galvanized or Orange colors options.

These items are available for BULK Pricing Discounts.

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