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Polarflex Flexible Snow Plow Blade System

Polarflex is a Segmented FLEXIBLE Plow Blade System comprised of 12" Carbide tipped Wear Segments, which are outfitted with Rubber components. These Wear Segments are held together with a Mounting Blade and Angle Retainer. The rubber components allow the 12" Wear Segments to move independently and conform to the road while also absorbing much of the vibrations of the plow.  Cleans Better, Last Longer, Less Vibration, Less wear on your vehicles, Reusable Parts. 

For more information or specifications, email

Conveyor Chains.jpg

Conveyor Sander


We sell Conveyor Chains for any make and model of Sanders.

We have a great supplier who can get replacement Chains out to our customer quickly, especially when it matters most, when you NEED it!

Call your local Sales Rep for a great measuring tool to ensure you get the proper chains for your Sanders.

Riser Ring.jpg

Steel and Poly and Cast Iron Riser Rings

When it is time to pave your streets, then it is time for Riser Rings.  Riser Rings often require some advanced planning to get you the exact fitting ring to ensure your paving operations run smoothly.  NYDOT Poly Riser Rings are a huge favorite of Counties, Cities, Towns in our region.  The Poly/Fiberglass mix provides a strong and flexible riser ring.  These can be cut to make them fit, and they can be stacked on top of each other to make the perfect rise.  Custom Steel Adjustable Riser Rings require our Reps to come and measure your lids and ensure the measurements.  These are then fabricated into a Screw Type Steel Adjustable Riser Ring which will allow your installers some flexibility when you install before paving. 



Cold Patch

GreenPatch® is a revolutionary high performance cold patch product designed to repair and maintain roadways while utilizing RAP and sustainable additives. We are the preferred high performance cold patch choice of major cities, utilities, manufacturers, DOT’s, contractors and homeowners everywhere and the only no toxic VOC permanent cold patch product. Approved for use in all 50 states. 

Snowplow image.jpg

Snow Plows and


Here in the Northeast, Winter can start early and it is always best to be prepared.  Flink Company is a name that has been recognized for years as an Affordable, Reliable option for Stainless Steel Sanders and Tailgate Spreaders as well as their full line of Snow Plows.  One Way and Power Reversible Plows with many options for Curl and Discharge help you find the exact plow you need for your needs.  If your current plow is too heavy and is digging into your pavement, ask about the Poly Plow line as an option to lighten the load of the plow, we can help.  For more information please email and we will have one of our knowledgeable Sales Reps contact you to help.

Keystone brooms.jpg

Sweeper Brooms for All Sweepers

Street Sweepers are an essential tool in the suitcase of Public Works Administrators. Our Supplier has over 50 years experience manufacturing quality Replacement Brooms made from the highest quality Steel and Polypropylene Filaments that have been keeping your roads Safe and Clean. The brooms of ALL Sweepers are Wear Parts and often need to be replaced.  Glenco offers Tube Brooms, Main Strip Brooms, Gutter Brooms and Wafers as an arsenal for your suitcase, and they are also available for every Sweeper Brand and Model.   


Graco Paint Machines

Experienced Municipal and Private Contractors know the difference. Graco Airless Paint Sprayers are recognized as solid investments that perform reliably, year after year. We can provide you service and pricing for Single or Double Gun options or many other options that Graco offers you.  When your Paint Machine needs Parts like Screens, Pumps or Guns, or if your your old machine not working and you want the service done to get it back to work, contact us and we can help!



Quick road repairs used to require large crews, heavy equipment, perfect weather, and a hefty invoice to boot. Kind of like fishing with dynamite. Revolutionary Aquaphalt offers a better solution. Used successfully in Europe for years, Aquaphalt is the first pre-mixed, permanent repair material that is enduring, high-performing and 100% environmentally friendly. Aquaphalt’s proprietary “green” binder reacts and hardens with solely water—unlike other asphalt patching products available on the market today containing toxic petroleum-based solvents with volatile organic compounds. And Aquaphalt can be laid directly from its container, so no repeat repairs or overhead costs are required. In today’s economy, eliminating additional equipment, material and labor costs for the same lasting repair is a top priority.

Click HERE for Product Video

Carbide Tipped Plow Blades.png

Plow Blades, Shoes, and Tire Chain

Regardless of the manufacturer of your plow or if you use Rubber, Steel, or Carbide, GLENCO can supply you with a quality perfect match for your Plow Blades.  Our Sales Representatives will be glad to come to your Office and measure your Plows and ensure you receive the correct blades the FIRST time!   Glenco supplies many Highway and DPW's with replacement Curb and Wear Shoes for all makes and models of Plows.  Great prices and fast delivery and personal service are great reasons to contact Glenco.

Manhole Frame and Cover.jpg

Municipal Construction CastingsManholes/Frames & Grates

Municipal Construction Castings (MCC) are Highway Grade Ductile Iron Castings like Manholes or Frames and Grates.

Our Direct source allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver your order.  Please click here for a link to all of the items we offer and drawings for each.


Three-Line Message Board

Solar Powered Message Boards help provide Safety and Clear Messages in both Work Zones as well as on your local streets.  Message Boards can be used for Construction Zones, Town Events, or Road Closures as well as a Legal Arrow Board.  The Full Matrix display can present messages as text, graphics or a combination of both with arrow board capability.  The trailer design makes it easy to navigate even the tightest urban areas where traffic is heavy and deploy where space is limited.

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